Virtual Therapy

There are many issues that factor in people’s hesitancy when it comes to getting psychological counsel. Physical distance is one, and it’s probably an additional burden to travel and see a counselor in person, whether due to a hectic schedule, heavy traffic, or other reasons. Or maybe you simply dislike a one-on-one talk in an unfamiliar place. Fortunately, with the emergence of technological advancements, we now offer high-quality San Diego virtual counseling services. This can address many of what’s stopping you from getting your much-needed counsel and emotional support.

New Horizon Counseling Center makes sure that most, if not all, of what you can get from traditional in-person counseling is readily available for you with our virtual counseling sessions. Even while staying in your own home, you can still have a compassionate, open discussion in a safe and nurturing virtual environment with one of our dedicated therapist. Whether via video conferences, live chats, emails, or phone calls, we will do our best to help you make sense of and overcome your mental or emotional turmoil. We will listen to your story and offer unbiased information.