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Hi, I am Trisha Leamon, Associate Marriage & Family Therapist. I have had an interest in human behavior and personalities for as long as I can remember. I enjoy helping my clients source their strengths and achieving effective ways to navigate life’s challenges.

My professional experience has given me the opportunity to work with clients who are facing substance abuse, depression, anxiety, divorce, codependence, and grief. I especially enjoy working with clients who are navigating difficult transitions such as divorce, relationships, work, adding to their family, retirement, and the many other journeys of life.

My personal experience of my son's passing in 2008 was a large part of my desire to work in the counseling field. Through my own journey, I recognized how difficult past experiences can often play large roles in how we navigate current relationships.

My goal with therapy is to offer my clients a caring, attuned therapist as we find new ways to solve problems, heal old wounds, and strengthen the way you live your life.

I embrace client focused/strength based theories and love the works of Brene Brown and Internal Family Systems.

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