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My name is Sasha, and although I wasn't born here, I've lived in North, East, South, and West County San Diego for more than ten years. My favorite things to do in the city are go to the beach and the Del Mar fair when it's open and enjoy the nice weather all year long. I'm currently a student at Southwestern College studying communications and journalism, and my favorite classes are psychology and sociology. In the name of the internship department's collaboration with the New Horizon counseling center, I couldn't be happier to be a part of the team.To a wide range of individuals as well as our team. When you contact the facility, my goal is to offer support that promotes friendly and enjoyable dialogue and an ongoing interpersonal interaction in order to bring about serenity and healing.


To be able to respond to a question such as ‘’Say something about yourself’’. It took years of self-discovery and trial-and-error for me to figure out how to communicate my emotions, both positive and negative, and how I viewed and valued my personal relationships. Through evidence-based experience, I was able to understand who I truly was, which is resilient, empathetic, smart, kind, and hard-working by learning therapeutic methods of healing through cognitive, physical, and emotional exercises in high maintenance situations. My objective is to put my sympathetic, uplifting, and professional work methods into practice to develop my community through informal and attainable goals. I was able to make healthier commitments sooner. I'll properly specialize in fervent mental health advocacy.

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