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Growing up in the Philippines and having been raised by a loving/caring family, my belief system made it so crystal clear to me that “Life is what you make it,” that “Life is a gift given us by our Maker” and that we belong to a one big family composed of fellow human beings and each one has a responsibility of helping/caring for a needy brother. 
When my sons were growing up, their friends and playmates were welcome to stay in our house and partake of the food we had. It was during this time that I witnessed firsthand child abuse, that a few of my sons’ friends were experiencing from their own mothers and families.  I resolved then to myself that someday I will do something to help these abused children receive better treatment from their parents, and make their life a bit more pleasant and nurturing for their growth and development.
My first job here in the US was being a caregiver in a small residential facility, and the next one after that was as an Assistant Administrator in a Retirement Plaza in Barstow, CA. In both places, seniors asked me to counsel them regarding problems/issues they have about themselves, their families, or anything that was bothering them, and robbing them their peace of mind and the joy of living/being alive. So, I will find the time to be alone with these senior residents and do some counseling/advising with the prayer that the words I’ve shared with them will ease up some pain and bring comfort/solutions to their afflictions. It was during these times that I officially found it necessary to get an education and training in counseling so that I can truly help everyone asking for it.
Fast forward to December 2019, I graduated/ finished a Masters’ Program in Counseling Psychology with a major in Marriage and Family Therapy from National University San Diego. Even before graduation, I had the experience of doing my practicum with a lot of Children and Teen clients, and it was so fulfilling/rewarding knowing that I was a force used to improve the life of these clients, and for them to change their belief and stance on life, that life is wonderful and is given to us to make us better for each other, and for all the needy persons we will encounter in our life’s journey.
I also did counseling for different populations such as the young adults, senior adults, couples, families, LBTQs. I was surprised to find out that each and every-one of these population turned out to be my favorite! At this point, I declare myself to be a therapist/counselor for all.
I am about to begin a new journey as an AMFT with New Horizon Counseling Center. I’m so excited and in awe about it! I made a solemn promise to myself and to our Maker about this new beginning: I will always give my very best, 100 percent (and beyond) of myself to all my prospective clients, fellow clinicians, co-workers, to all in New Horizon CC.
I look forward to meeting everyone, to embark on this new life changing journey in counseling at New Horizon Counseling Center

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