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Here at NHCC our mission is to meet our clients where they are right now. To relationally implement effective psychotherapy methods alongside them. We have a variety of therapists who utilize different methods of therapy so that our clients can feel understood and comfortable.

We know how difficult it is to share your story with a complete stranger, so we want to make it comfortable and easy for you by offering kind, genuine, and caring therapists who love and are good at what they do. New Horizon Counseling Center is a place where our clients feel safe, peaceful, understood, and welcomed.

Therapy is a healing process, but in the end, taking that first step in seeking help, can bring life-altering results.

We Welcome

All Races

All Sexual Orientations

All Disabilities

All Religions

All Gender Identities

All People

Teen Psychologist

Want to sponsor a teen but don't know how?

Click to learn how!

Are you or someone you know in need of mental health services but can't afford it?

NHCC has started a program to help those families in need qualify for services at a rate they can afford!

Group Hug

Student Program

This program assists school-aged children and youth, their families and the school community who are facing obstacles outside of the classroom.

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