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Ashely Lopez


Hello. I am Ashley, an intern here at New Horizon Counseling center. I am currently working towards obtaining my Master of Social Work Degree and I am also bilingual. Aside from English, I speak Spanish. I have always had and still have a passion working with children, youth, and families (including marriage/couples), as well as individuals. My passion includes working with families, couples and youth to improve their relationships with others and themselves through communicating emotions and building up their self-esteem. As well as giving them an extra resource that will assist them in any way that is needed. One of my many goals is to break the negative stigma of receiving therapy. It is perfectly fine if one wishes to attend therapy. My personal life as well as my educational and professional background allow me to provide empathy and a culturally sensitive approach when in session. It is my priority to provide a safe environment when with my clients.

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